For Love has gained experience in a broad range of crafts including candle making, crocheting, decoupaging, pottery, textile printing, wood burning. Even if you are looking for details about something else, chances are we can work something out for you as we are more than happy to give anything a try! Below we provide a little description of the different crafts we have been doing so far, can incorporate in our handmade gifts, include in a party package or provide as a workshop on its own. 

Candle making

The art of candle making is one of the oldest craft forms, dating back as far as 200 BC. Initially one used beef fat, whale fat and beeswax to provide light. More recently people have sought more purified animal fats, paraffin and soy wax. Obviously the main purpose of candles is no longer to provide light, but to cast a sweet, cozy atmosphere and, if you wish, a little treat for your smell organ. 

Making candles is both satisfying and rewarding for beginners as well as experienced crafters. Therefore it is an excellent activity to be enjoyed together with friends. Different molds, essential oils, waxes and colours leave you with plenty of room to create a unique masterpiece that you can show off and enjoy afterwards.


Crochet seems almost too simple to be true - a hook, a piece of string and human ingenuity is all it takes. Unlike knitting, crocheting tends to be more rapid, showing you quicker results and thus less chance to get bored. However, if you do get caught by the crocheting virus it is an easy and inexpensive hobby to expand further on your own and keep up at home.

Particularly Amigurumi (crocheting small stuffed creatures) is a project that suits beginners and advanced crocheters. It requires little yarn compared to the more complex items (e.g. a cardigan) and is a fun way to get your hands moving.


Decoupage derived from French word "decouper" and describes the act of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts and protecting it with a varnish. In the past people have decoupaged furniture, lamps, screens and ceramics,... pretty much any object can be turned into a fashionable item with this technique.

Glass or tin jars, old wooden boxes, flower pots, nothing is too crazy to try this craft. These days different pre-made paper mache objects (e.g. animals, letters, boxes) are available so even those who experience blockage in their imagination won't be limited. 

Homemade lush

We have laid our hand on several freshly homemade cosmetic products including lotions, soaps, beard balms, lip glosses, bath bombs and body scrubs. One of the benefits of making those items yourself is that you know "what goes in" them and, more importantly, what doesn't. In addition, a lot of standard or inexpensive household items can be used to create your lotions and potions. 

Textile Printing

For love has two ways of printing on textile. Some of our gifts require a very accurate print and we personalise by transferring the design to a specialised material and iron it onto the fabric. Another way in which we like to get creative with textile is by using textile paint.

Whichever technique one decides to use for textile printing, your item will be unique! If you fear your painting skills, we have plenty of tools and tricks to help out.

Wood Work

Wood work is our umbrella for crafts that involve wood but don't fit any of the categories above. Although we might decoupage wooden boxes, sometimes painting and distressing is desired or making reusable wooden air fresheners is another example. 

Wood is often a desirable material when we create personalised signs as a gift or even decorations for rooms and nurseries.