About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.


I am Jolien, the face behind For Love. I am a mother of one (Arthur), with a second bundle of joy (or trouble) on the way. For Love handmade gifts was built a year after my son was born. It emerged out of my passion for crafting & the joy of gift giving (and let's be honest, to try keep some level of sanity whilst raising little man). For Love craft parties was added to the business a little later.

As a lifelong perfectionist, I put everything into the gifts I create. To me the perfect handmade gift is one that carries emotional value, means something to the recipient and is unique. Therefore I work closely with the customer, have them be part of the idea generation if they wish and keep them in the loop of the progression of the gift if they like. 


Although our gift section on the website shows you a few examples of things made in the past, nothing is to crazy to discuss and try! So please do not hesitate to get in touch and together we can create something personal and unique, something a little different and chic.

In the past I struggled to find affordable and slightly different craft workshops for myself. When I started looking for creative and affordable activity packages for my hen do, my decision was made: I wanted to share my experience with others, have them create their own pieces without the burden of having to buy expensive materials they would possibly only use once. This is when I started designing the craft parties and added them to For Love's arsenal.

Drop me a message if you are interested in what I am doing and we can have a chat!



  • Customised craft workshops

  • Relaxation through crafting

  • Customised craft parties

  • Personalised gifts

  • Tailored craft sessions for care homes, nursing homes, etc.